Turkey – Wild Boar Hunts

In Turkey, Muslim country per excellence, where local hunters do not hunt wild boar because it is considered an “impure” animal, is exceptional both as quantity of game and trophy quality. Game [...]


Turkey – Bezoar Ibex

Turkey is one of the best countries for Bezoar Ibex hunts. Bezoar Ibex is hunted in twelve different hunting areas, in Antalya in the west Mediterranean region, in the Taurus Mountains which [...]


Spain – Roe Deer

_There are two Roe deer species officially recognized in Spain, the European Roe deer, in the north of Spain, which populates over half of the Iberian Peninsula, and the Moresco Roe deer, in the [...]


Spain – Ibexes

tIbexes in the Spanish mountains are the most valuable animals of the Iberian fauna. There are four different officially acknowledged species: Gredos, Bezeite, Sierra Nevada and Ronda Ibex, which [...]


Spain – Bok Balear

tBok Balear is a new hunting specie in the Balearic Islands, more exactly found on the island of Palma de Majorca. It was acknowledged as a hunting specie only in 2007. The hunting areas for this [...]

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Slovenia – Bear

g="0"Bear hunts in Slovenia are organized in the wild mountains in the south of the country, on the border with Croatia. The hunt is organized in waiting from fixed blinds and baits. The wait is [...]


Serbia – Wild Boar Fruska Gora

lumn_Wild boar driven huts are organized in Fruska Gora national park, close to the city of Novi Sad. The hunting area is on a low mountain in the midst of Vojvodina plains, along the river [...]


Serbia – Wild Boar Driven Hunts

extWe organize wild boar driven hunts in the forest reserves of Plavna/Kamariste and Karakusa. Both reserves are situated in the plains of Vojvodina, along the river Danube, covered in oak woods [...]


Serbia – Trophy Roe Deer

lumn_Vojvodina is the best area in Europe for roe deer hunting. To the North of the Danube river there are cultivated plains and to the South there are small woods alternating with cultivated [...]