Australia Deer

All year long, best period April - November


We're offering you two hunting areas where there can be harvested 7 deer species in the state of Queensland. One is the famous reserve of Kingham at about two hours drive from Brisbane and the other, of the same owner, is the Marble Island, situated at about 600 km from Brisbane, an island in the famous Australian coral reef.
In both reserves the main animal is the Rusa deer and there are also Mollucan Rusa deers, Sambar, Hog, Axis, fallow deer, red deer and black antelope, plus the autochthonous animals, kangaroo and dingo.
Accommodation is provided in the owners house with all comforts, in Kingham or on Marble Island, where the house is situated on the beach so that your family can practice water sports and deep see fishing.
Due to the complicated firearm import procedure in Australia we recommend the use of the gun that the owner of the reserve offers the hunters for free.
  Kingham Marble island
Daily hunting organization 1 x 1 $ 500 $ 680
Daily hunting organization 2 x 1 $ 360 $ 480
Observer daily $ 200 $ 300
Trophy Fees in USD:
Specie Kingham Marble Island
Giava Russa Deer $ 3.700 $ 4.000
Mollucan Russa Deer $ 3.900 $ 4.000
Sambar $ 6.600 $ 7.500
Hog $ 7.000 no
Axis $ 3.500 $ 3.800
Fallow Deer $ 3.500 no
Red Deer $ 2.800 $ 3.200
Black Antelope $ 3.300 $ 4.000
Packages All Inclusive:

3 hunting days including one Giava Russa Deer
Trophy Fee

$   5.200

4 hunting days including trophy fees for one Giava Russa
Deer and one Molluca Russa Deer

$   9.000

5 hunting days including trophy fees for one Giava
Russa Deer, Molluca Russa Deer and Axis

$ 12.600

5 hunting days including trophy fees for one Giava
Russa Deer, Molluca Russa Deer, Axis and Sambar

$ 18.700

8 hunting days including trophy fee for one Giava
Russa Deer,Molluca Russa Deer, Axis, Sambar
and Black Antelope 2x2

$ 24.500
Rates Include: 
All transfers from/to airport in Brisbane to the hunting area (for Kingham), organization of the hunt, assistance of a professional guide with a 4WD hunting vehicle, full board in the hunting house and drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks and basic spirits).
Rates dont Include:
Air fares to the nearest airport, Australian hunting license 130 $, preparation of the trophies (100 $ head trophy, 200 $ with skin), exportation of trophies, tips and gratuities. Charter flight for Marble Island from Brisbane $ 3.600 one way, from Rockstone $ 800 one way.

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