Austria – Big Game

n_The hunting area is situated halfway from Vienna to Salzburg, at about 2 hours distance from the airport of Vienna. This is a beautiful hunting reserve of 14.000 ha, with a medieval hunting [...]

Austria – Wild Boar Driven Hunts

tThe hunting area is situated at about 120 km to the South of Vienna on the border with Hungary. It is composed of two fenced reserves ideal for driven hunts for groups of 3 to 6 hunters. It is [...]

Azerbaijan – Dagestan Tur

The area of Azero Caucasus is inhabited by approximately 12.000 Dagestan Tur, the largest of all subspecies of Caucasus Tur. The same area is inhabited also by the Caucasian Chamois. The hunt [...]

Croatia – Bears

="0"Bears are hunted in the wild mountains in the central part of Croatia, between Bosnia and Slovenia. The hunt is done on the bait from fixed blinds, waiting for the bear during the full moon [...]

Croatia – Chamois

umn_The Biokovo hunting area is located close to the Adriatic sea, in the proximity of the city of Split. The area is situated on the mountain of Biokovo at about 1.700 m of altitude and there’s [...]

Croatia – Muflon Sheep

olumn_The peninsula of Peljesac is located between Split and Dubrovnik. It is about 70 kms long and wide about 20 km, with low mountains, from 400 to 1100 meters, and covered by typical [...]

Croatia – Red Deer

tCroatia is one of Balkan countries with a long Austro - Hungarian hunting tradition, renown and appraised worldwide for game quantity and quality. Belje hunting reserve is composed of alluvial [...]

Croatia – Wild Boar Driven Hunt

vc_row_inner padding="0"The hunting area is the private hunting ground “Cesma”, approximately 40 minutes driving from Zagreb. This reserve is composed of 8.000 hectares of woodlands, of which 350 [...]

England – Deer

n_England offers really longed-for, exotic trophies and excellent autochthonous population of deer and roe deer. The hunting areas are all situated in the central England, which is easily [...]

England – Packages

n_England offers really longed-for, exotic trophies and excellent autochthonous population of deer and roe deer. The hunting areas are all situated in the central England, which is easily [...]

Estonia – Lynx

olumn_Lynx hunting, whose population has been estimated around 800 in Estonia, is performed in winter, searching for tracks and, once fresh tracks are found, releasing specially trained dogs that [...]

Estonia – Moose

column_The most treasured hunting game in Estonia throughout the times. Elks weighing more than half ton were taken in these lands. Every year about one third of the Elk population is hunted, but [...]

Greece – Kri Kri Ibex

="0"Kri Kri Ibex hunting is permitted on several Greek islands where, years ago, the Ministry of forestry has displaced a small number of animals from the Thermesos National Park, on the island [...]

Greenland – Muskox

Muskox hunting primarily takes place close to the coast, in order to ease the heavy work of carrying back to the boat. Instead of hunting out of a single hunting area, we move to where the [...]

Greenland – Reindeer

The reindeer population in southern Greenland has been too high for some time, offering excellent hunting opportunities and great trophy quality. From the beginning of August, the fully developed [...]

Hungary – Roe Deer

n_The hunting areas that we offer in Hungary are situated to the South and the East of Budapest and are considered among the best in Europe for this type of hunt. We can guarantee you to harvest [...]

Iceland – Reindeer

olumn_In Iceland there is a population of about 3.500 wild reindeers primarily assembled in the northeast of the island on a great plateau under the glacier Vatnayokkull. The reindeers give birth [...]

Latvia – European Moose

olumn_We’re offering you the hunt on the European moose which normally lasts one month, from mid September through mid October. The hunt is done by stalking moose in the roar, or by waiting for [...]

Liberia – Jungle Safari

The Liberian virgin forest is the ideal habitat for the rare and sought after small antelopes - forest duikers. The hunt in conducted with a light during the night or using calls in late [...]

Macedonia – Big Game

Our hunting reserve is situated at about 100km south of Skopje. This is a reserve of approximately 7.000 hectares, of which 2500 are fenced with a luxurious hunting house with eight rooms and [...]

Macedonia – Chamois

umn_In the outskirts of Skopje there’s a mountain 2.500 meters high with a big canyon, about 800/1000 meters deep, which was proclaimed the national park of Karadzica, and mount Sara. Around 3500 [...]

Macedonia – Wild Boar Driven Hunts

lumn_We organize wild boar driven hunts that offer the possibility to harvest very large boars both in free range and in fenced areas where we capture large males from state reserves. We organize [...]

Macedonia – Wolves

xtIn Macedonia there is the largest wolf population in Europe, in the two reserves of Stip and Sveti Nikole only local hunters harvested over 200 wolves last year. We offer you the possibility [...]

Poland – European Bison

xtPoland is one of the few countries in Europe with a natural population of European bison. Bison stay in herds of females, young and small males, while adult males, very aggressive, join the [...]

Poland – Roe Deer

tPoland has a very dense population of Roe deer across the country, but the hunts are mostly organized in open agricultural areas. Even though population density is high, trophy quality is [...]

Romania – Carpathian Chamois

olumn_The hunt is performed stalking on foot in mountain areas at altitudes between 1600 and 2500 m. In some cases hunts may be organized in lower areas in Valcea region, where altitudes vary [...]