Argentina – Turtle Doves

ng="0"We organize turtle dove hunt in an area located only 3,5 hours by car from Buenos Aires airport. We hunt turtle doves all day long, with a pause for lunch and rest around noon. The number [...]

Australia – Big Game

innerThe hunting area is situated at about three hours and a half from Darwin in the south of Australia. There is a ranch of 50.000 hectares there that borders for 90 km with the famous national [...]

Australia – Deer

innerWe’re offering you two hunting areas where there can be harvested 7 deer species in the state of Queensland. One is the famous reserve of Kingham at about two hours drive from Brisbane and [...]

Azerbaijan – Ducks

lumn_We organize duck hunts in Azerbaijan in the central part of the country, in Sari Su national park, an enormous marsh covering 110.000 ha, where we have a new hunting house available with all [...]

Bolivia Turtle Doves

tWe have two lodges located 60 miles away from the city of Santa Cruz, which are 500 yards apart. The first lodge, Las Palomas, has been the Bolivian home for many hunters over the past 14 years, [...]

Canada – Geese

_Alberta is probably the best hunting destination in Canada!! The south of Alberta is covered in agricultural and flatlands, while in the north we find immense forests and lakes typical for the [...]

Croatia – Quails

A large number of qualis nest in the North of Croatia, whose number increases even further starting from mid August, when migrations start in the North, from Hungary, where quails are neot [...]

Croatia – Woodcocks

The first woodcocks reach the North and the Northeast of Croatia, in the woodlands, around October 20. We organize hunts in these areas for approximately one month, until the woodcock move toward [...]

Estonia – Geese

Brown bear hunts are organized by a local outfitter with exclusive guiding rights in the area and they are conducted either off a private yacht or from tented camps. The Alaskan coast can pride [...]

Estonia – Woodcocks

extEstonia is one of the main Woodcock migration destinations with woodcocks staying on Estonian territory during spring and summer. Estonia is also a main Woodcock transit area, from where [...]

European Russia – Capercailzie

extCapercailzie is one of the oldest birds on Earth. It is a large forest partridge. This bird has almost disappeared in most of European countries but it is still plentiful in Russia. [...]

Hungary – Geese

Geese hunts are organized in two different areas in Hungary, one in Pecs area close to the Danube, two hours south from Budapest, and the other on Tisza lakes, one hour and a half east from [...]

Hungary – Mixed Bag

Small game is very numerous in the Hungarian planes, mainly represented by hares, pheasants and grey partridges. Hunts are organized either as small driven hunts with several drives organized [...]

Morocco – Turtle Doves

_The hunting area that we are proposing is located in the Marrakesh region, an area known for its density of Turtle Doves. We hunt in the early morning s and during the afternoon, with a break [...]

New Zealand – Southern Island

ew Zealand is a country with excellent possibilities for hunting introduced animals: Deer, Fallow Deer, Chamois And Tahr. Trophies are very big, especially those of Deer and Chamois, as well as [...]

Russia – Geese

nerWe organize geese hunts in spring, from the end of May to mid-June, in the north of Russia, in the so called Nenecky area, with Naryn mar as capital, 4 hours flying from Petersburg. Hunters [...]

Russia – Woodcocks

We are presenting a new destination for woodcock hunts, in proximity of the town of Tver, 200km north from Moscow in the general direction of St. Petersburg. The area is covered in typical [...]

Scotland – Geese

extWe organize geese hunts in Scotland starting from October and ending in January, during the period when geese come over from Iceland for the winter. Geese hunts in Scotland are organized on [...]

Serbia – 25 Roe Deer

Vojvodina is the best area for Roe Deer in Europe. North from the Danube the area is covered in cultivations, wile South from the Danube there are small forests alternating with [...]

Serbia – Chamois

olumn_In Serbia there are two good areas for the chamois hunt. The first is in the canyons of the Danube river, in Djerdap national park, and the other is in the canyons of the river Zlot. Both [...]

Serbia – Ducks and geese

lumn_We organize duck and geese hunts on river Danube, some 120 km from Belgrade. Hunts are organized from permanent blinds, using calls and decoys. Duck hunts are organized from blinds from dawn [...]

Serbia – Quails and Turtle Doves

lumn_In the immense Vojvodina plane, North from Belgrade, nests an elevated number of quails that further increases in the period of passage, which goes from the second half of August to the [...]

Serbia – Roe Deer Fixed Price

lumn_Vojvodina is the best area in Europe for roe deer hunting. To the North of the Danube river there are cultivated plains and to the South there are small woods alternating with cultivated [...]

Serbia – Roe Deer Selection

n Serbia there is one of the most numerous roe deer populations in all Europe. This species inhabits the vast plain lands to the North of Danube in Vojvodina, living in the cultivated fields or [...]

Serbia – Trophy Roe Deer

lumn_Vojvodina is the best area in Europe for roe deer hunting. To the North of the Danube river there are cultivated plains and to the South there are small woods alternating with cultivated [...]

Serbia – Wild Boar Driven Hunts

extWe organize wild boar driven hunts in the forest reserves of Plavna/Kamariste and Karakusa. Both reserves are situated in the plains of Vojvodina, along the river Danube, covered in oak woods [...]

Serbia – Wild Boar Fruska Gora

lumn_Wild boar driven huts are organized in Fruska Gora national park, close to the city of Novi Sad. The hunting area is on a low mountain in the midst of Vojvodina plains, along the river [...]

Serbia – Woodcocks

Our hunting areas for woodcock in Serbia are located between 200 and 300 km south of Belgrade, in the general direction of Macedonia, between Boljevac and Bela Plaanka. The terrain is of medium [...]

Spain – Bok Balear

tBok Balear is a new hunting specie in the Balearic Islands, more exactly found on the island of Palma de Majorca. It was acknowledged as a hunting specie only in 2007. The hunting areas for this [...]

Spain – Ibexes

tIbexes in the Spanish mountains are the most valuable animals of the Iberian fauna. There are four different officially acknowledged species: Gredos, Bezeite, Sierra Nevada and Ronda Ibex, which [...]

Spain – Partridge driven hunt

We organize red-legged partridge driven hunts in various hunting areas in Spain, considered among best for this type of hunt. These are luxury areas, first class areas and standard areas. They [...]

Spain – Roe Deer

_There are two Roe deer species officially recognized in Spain, the European Roe deer, in the north of Spain, which populates over half of the Iberian Peninsula, and the Moresco Roe deer, in the [...]

Spain – Thrushes

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Turkey – Bezoar Ibex

Turkey is one of the best countries for Bezoar Ibex hunts. Bezoar Ibex is hunted in twelve different hunting areas, in Antalya in the west Mediterranean region, in the Taurus Mountains which [...]

Turkey – Wild Boar Hunts

In Turkey, Muslim country per excellence, where local hunters do not hunt wild boar because it is considered an “impure” animal, is exceptional both as quantity of game and trophy quality. Game [...]