Alaska – Black Bear

gn: left;">The hunt is conducted in the Chuganch National Forest with a special permit from a private yacht. The Alaskan coast has the highest concentration of trophy black bear on Earth. During [...]

Alaska – Brown Bear

erBrown bear hunts are organized by a local outfitter with exclusive guiding rights in the area and they are conducted either off a private yacht or from tented camps. The Alaskan coast can pride [...]

Alaska – Dall Sheep

re only a handful of outfitters allowed to hunt in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the last great untouched wilderness on Earth. There is no other human presence in the area. The area hosts [...]

Alaska – Moose

="10" margin_bottom="60"[vc_row_inner padding="0"We have some of the best area in the state of Alaska including National Park and Private Native land concessions. In 2007 hunts in our Southwest [...]

Alaska – Mountain Goat

tain goat hunts are organized in late September from a private yacht. Lodging and board are high class, but the hunt is physically demanding. These are true mountain hunts and only mature males [...]

Alaska – Peninsula Brown Bear

umn_innerThe Alaska Peninsula’s ideal coastal surroundings and fishing habitat provide an excellent environment in which Brown Bears reach their highest concentration and largest size. The areas [...]

Alaska – Reindeer

ate a limited amount of caribou hunts under a Guide exclusive permit. The ideal surroundings of habitat provide an excellent environment for Caribou that consistently reach trophy size. The areas [...]

Argentina – Big Game Hunts

rovince of Santiago del Estero. The famous Argentinian pampa has few autochtonous species which are mainly forbidden for hunt (some cervidae species). There are imported animals instead as for [...]

Argentina – Red Deer

rovince of Santiago del Estero. This high class private hunting area has excellent trophy quality, particularly as far as European Red deer is concerned, even though other species are [...]

Australia – Big Game

innerThe hunting area is situated at about three hours and a half from Darwin in the south of Australia. There is a ranch of 50.000 hectares there that borders for 90 km with the famous national [...]

Australia – Deer

innerWe’re offering you two hunting areas where there can be harvested 7 deer species in the state of Queensland. One is the famous reserve of Kingham at about two hours drive from Brisbane and [...]

Austria – Big Game

n_The hunting area is situated halfway from Vienna to Salzburg, at about 2 hours distance from the airport of Vienna. This is a beautiful hunting reserve of 14.000 ha, with a medieval hunting [...]

Austria – Wild Boar Driven Hunts

tThe hunting area is situated at about 120 km to the South of Vienna on the border with Hungary. It is composed of two fenced reserves ideal for driven hunts for groups of 3 to 6 hunters. It is [...]

Azerbaijan – Dagestan Tur

The area of Azero Caucasus is inhabited by approximately 12.000 Dagestan Tur, the largest of all subspecies of Caucasus Tur. The same area is inhabited also by the Caucasian Chamois. The hunt [...]

Burkina Faso – Packages

xtThis new area of South -Center of Pama is situated in south eastern Burkina Faso, at 4 hours from Ouagadougou. Located in the heart of the partial reserve of Pama, this area is one of the most [...]

Burkina Faso – Safaris

The hunting area is the Nazinga safari in Burkina Faso (ex Alto Volta) of 92.000 ha. In the middle of it there is a structure consisting of 7 modest bungalows with hygienic services and a fan, [...]

Cameroon – Forest Safari

he virgin forest of Cameroon is one of the most difficult hunting territories in Africa. The vegetation is practically impenetrable, the temperature goes over 30°C with 100% humidity and frequent [...]

Cameroon – Savannah Safari

The concession is mostly grassy savannah, with highlands, hills and various water courses. The vastness of the territory favours the encounter with various animal species like: Elephant, Buffalo, [...]

Canada – Alberta

ta is probably the best hunting destination in Canada!! The south of Alberta is covered in agricultural and flatlands, while in the north we find immense forests and lakes typical for the [...]

Canada – Black Bear

xtBlack Bear is the most widespread bear species in America. After coming out of winter hibernation by end of May their main interest is food. They are visiting well managed baits on regular [...]

Canada – Moose

hunt in Canada is better in the National reserves in the south of the country, such as the one that we offer, where during the rut season 3-4 trophy moose can be seen in one outing. The hunt is [...]

Canada – Polar Bear

_bottom="60"[vc_row_inner padding="0"The Polar Bear hunt is one of the most difficult hunts in the world. The hunter has to cope with impossible meteorological conditions, with temperature [...]

Canada – Stone Sheep

n_The hunting areas that we’re offering you are situated in the most remote part of Canada where the nature is still absolutely intact. We’re talking Big North here in the true meaning of the [...]

Croatia – Bears

="0"Bears are hunted in the wild mountains in the central part of Croatia, between Bosnia and Slovenia. The hunt is done on the bait from fixed blinds, waiting for the bear during the full moon [...]

Croatia – Chamois

umn_The Biokovo hunting area is located close to the Adriatic sea, in the proximity of the city of Split. The area is situated on the mountain of Biokovo at about 1.700 m of altitude and there’s [...]

Croatia – Muflon Sheep

olumn_The peninsula of Peljesac is located between Split and Dubrovnik. It is about 70 kms long and wide about 20 km, with low mountains, from 400 to 1100 meters, and covered by typical [...]

Croatia – Red Deer

tCroatia is one of Balkan countries with a long Austro - Hungarian hunting tradition, renown and appraised worldwide for game quantity and quality. Belje hunting reserve is composed of alluvial [...]

Croatia – Wild Boar Driven Hunt

vc_row_inner padding="0"The hunting area is the private hunting ground “Cesma”, approximately 40 minutes driving from Zagreb. This reserve is composed of 8.000 hectares of woodlands, of which 350 [...]

Croatia – Wild Boar Waiting Hunts

Cesma hunting reserve consists of 12.000 ha of Slavonian oak forests inhabited by Wild Boar, Deer and Roe Deer. The comfortable hunting house is situated at the centre of the reserve and it can [...]

England – Deer

n_England offers really longed-for, exotic trophies and excellent autochthonous population of deer and roe deer. The hunting areas are all situated in the central England, which is easily [...]

England – Packages

n_England offers really longed-for, exotic trophies and excellent autochthonous population of deer and roe deer. The hunting areas are all situated in the central England, which is easily [...]

Estonia – Lynx

olumn_Lynx hunting, whose population has been estimated around 800 in Estonia, is performed in winter, searching for tracks and, once fresh tracks are found, releasing specially trained dogs that [...]

Estonia – Moose

column_The most treasured hunting game in Estonia throughout the times. Elks weighing more than half ton were taken in these lands. Every year about one third of the Elk population is hunted, but [...]

European Russia – Capercailzie

extCapercailzie is one of the oldest birds on Earth. It is a large forest partridge. This bird has almost disappeared in most of European countries but it is still plentiful in Russia. [...]

European Russia – Caucasus Tur

n_The area where we organize this hunt for you is situated in the southern slope of the Great Caucasus. The hunting starts from the town of Vladikavkaz, the accommodation is in mountain shelters [...]

Greece – Kri Kri Ibex

="0"Kri Kri Ibex hunting is permitted on several Greek islands where, years ago, the Ministry of forestry has displaced a small number of animals from the Thermesos National Park, on the island [...]

Greenland – Muskox

Muskox hunting primarily takes place close to the coast, in order to ease the heavy work of carrying back to the boat. Instead of hunting out of a single hunting area, we move to where the [...]

Greenland – Reindeer

The reindeer population in southern Greenland has been too high for some time, offering excellent hunting opportunities and great trophy quality. From the beginning of August, the fully developed [...]

Hungary – Roe Deer

n_The hunting areas that we offer in Hungary are situated to the South and the East of Budapest and are considered among the best in Europe for this type of hunt. We can guarantee you to harvest [...]

Iceland – Reindeer

olumn_In Iceland there is a population of about 3.500 wild reindeers primarily assembled in the northeast of the island on a great plateau under the glacier Vatnayokkull. The reindeers give birth [...]

Iran – Big Game

n_The bare mountains of Iran are hiding a faunistic treasure of great importance, all it takes is to think that there are 4 subspecies of Mouflon in Iran (even 7 according to the classification [...]

Iran – Wild Boar

We organize wild boar driven hunts in Iran for groups of 5 – 8 hunters and for small groups up to 4 hunters. Hunting can be done at night, with a Light. Wild boar in Iran are considered varmint [...]

Kazakhstan – Maral and Ibex

n_Ily National park and Dzungarskie Alatua, Tokhty, Zaisan and Taldy Khurgan (Dzungaria) are considered to be the areas with best Maral trophies in all Asia. In fact, two years ago, the new world [...]

Kyrgyzstan – Argali and Ibex

olumn_In Kyrgyzstan, a small country at the slants of the Pamir, in the mountainous chain of the Tjan San, two kinds of Argali live, the Marco Polo, considered the biggest Argali in the world and [...]

Latvia – European Moose

olumn_We’re offering you the hunt on the European moose which normally lasts one month, from mid September through mid October. The hunt is done by stalking moose in the roar, or by waiting for [...]

Liberia – Jungle Safari

The Liberian virgin forest is the ideal habitat for the rare and sought after small antelopes - forest duikers. The hunt in conducted with a light during the night or using calls in late [...]

Macedonia – Big Game

Our hunting reserve is situated at about 100km south of Skopje. This is a reserve of approximately 7.000 hectares, of which 2500 are fenced with a luxurious hunting house with eight rooms and [...]

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