Alaska – Black Bear

gn: left;">The hunt is conducted in the Chuganch National Forest with a special permit from a private yacht. The Alaskan coast has the highest concentration of trophy black bear on Earth. During [...]

Alaska – Brown Bear

erBrown bear hunts are organized by a local outfitter with exclusive guiding rights in the area and they are conducted either off a private yacht or from tented camps. The Alaskan coast can pride [...]

Alaska – Dall Sheep

re only a handful of outfitters allowed to hunt in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the last great untouched wilderness on Earth. There is no other human presence in the area. The area hosts [...]

Alaska – Moose

="10" margin_bottom="60"[vc_row_inner padding="0"We have some of the best area in the state of Alaska including National Park and Private Native land concessions. In 2007 hunts in our Southwest [...]

Alaska – Mountain Goat

tain goat hunts are organized in late September from a private yacht. Lodging and board are high class, but the hunt is physically demanding. These are true mountain hunts and only mature males [...]

Alaska – Peninsula Brown Bear

umn_innerThe Alaska Peninsula’s ideal coastal surroundings and fishing habitat provide an excellent environment in which Brown Bears reach their highest concentration and largest size. The areas [...]

Alaska – Reindeer

ate a limited amount of caribou hunts under a Guide exclusive permit. The ideal surroundings of habitat provide an excellent environment for Caribou that consistently reach trophy size. The areas [...]