Canada – Alberta

ta is probably the best hunting destination in Canada!! The south of Alberta is covered in agricultural and flatlands, while in the north we find immense forests and lakes typical for the [...]

Canada – Black Bear

xtBlack Bear is the most widespread bear species in America. After coming out of winter hibernation by end of May their main interest is food. They are visiting well managed baits on regular [...]

Canada – Moose

hunt in Canada is better in the National reserves in the south of the country, such as the one that we offer, where during the rut season 3-4 trophy moose can be seen in one outing. The hunt is [...]

Canada – Polar Bear

_bottom="60"[vc_row_inner padding="0"The Polar Bear hunt is one of the most difficult hunts in the world. The hunter has to cope with impossible meteorological conditions, with temperature [...]

Canada – Stone Sheep

n_The hunting areas that we’re offering you are situated in the most remote part of Canada where the nature is still absolutely intact. We’re talking Big North here in the true meaning of the [...]