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River Omolon – Giant Moose Hunt – SafariInternational
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River Omolon – Giant Moose Hunt

Tour duration – 14 days

Moose hunting is carried out on foot from the base or temporary camp using a motorboat with an outboard motor. Hunting is practiced from the approach (by concealing on feedings), searching, using animal huskies, corralling on the islands, searching with inspection through binoculars from dominant heights.

Hunting is usually carried out at no more than 15 km from the base (or temporary) camp, considering the physical fitness and wishes of the hunter.

A hunter with a guide-guide daily bypasses the grounds of the alleged finding of trophy animals, periodically examining the area through binoculars.

When an animal is found, the guide-guide advises the hunter on the approximate size of the trophy and helps to conceal and hunt, and after extraction, he cuts and transfers the trophy to the camp.

The optimal number of people in a group, at the base camp – 5-6 hunters, 5-6 guides – (one for each hunter), camp worker, cook.

The hunters arrive in Magadan, then take off by plane from Magadan to Omolon, from where they ascend by motorboat to the base camp).

Or get to the base camp by helicopter MI-8

The hunters arrive at the prepared camp with the waiting staff the next day (depending on the timing of the aircraft’s arrival at the Magadan airport, weather conditions, arrival methods), with the exception of pre-agreed situations.

It is recommended to inform in advance what equipment the hunters will bring. If necessary, equipment can be purchased locally. In this case, it is preferable to inform us about the size of the clothes and shoes.

Transportation and transfer of hunters and guides is carried out on boats “Crimea” and inflatable motorboats (class “Zodiac” with Yamaha-50 motors).

The boat disembarks the shooter and the guide at the place where the animal is most likely to appear (as a rule, with a two-person portable tent, sleeping bags and the necessary equipment), and then, in agreement with the guide, picks it up (communication via a mobile radio) or stays with the hunters in a temporary camp.

Thus, as a result of covering a larger area, the likelihood of obtaining a large trophy (or several) increase.

Accommodation during the hunt – in the base and intermediate tent camps. The tents are equipped with wood-heated tin stoves. The base camp has a canteen and a sauna, a power station, and a satellite phone.

In all of these cases, it is possible to hunt using mobile camps to travel long distances.

While hunting for moose, it is also possible to obtain additional trophies: second moose, bighorn sheep, bear, caribou, and Stone Capercailzie

Wonderful clean air, picturesque nature, snowmobiling and motorboating provide an exceptional opportunity to relax your body and soul.

It is recommended to inform in advance what equipment the hunters will bring. If necessary, equipment can be purchased locally. In this case, it is preferable to inform us about the size of the clothes and shoes.



The optimal duration of the tour is 14 days


1st day: Arrival of the group to the airport of Magadan. Then take off by plane from Magadan to Omolon, from where the hunters ascend by motorboats to the base camp. Or they get to the base camp by helicopter MI-8 (negotiated and paid separately).

2nd day. Arrival at the base camp. Getting to know the staff. Conducting briefing on the type of terrain and the peculiarities of hunting, shooting at these types of animals from certain types of weapons. Test sighting of weapons. Distribution of guides. Distribution of hunting directions.

3rd day: Breakfast. Departure for spike camps. Hunting. Lunch at the time of the exit. Overnight in a temporary camp. Discussion of the results with the guides.

4th – 11th day: In the future, the schedule follows the pattern of the third day, from a temporary camp or moving around the grounds by motorboat.

Periodically, hunters, together with the guides, return to the base camp for rest, discuss the results with the tour supervisor, make decisions on the subsequent hunting scheme, possibly relocate the spike camp and the hunt continues on new grounds.

12th day: Final preservation of trophies and packaging. Collecting the camp. Departure by motor boats to the village of Omolon. Accommodation, overnight at the hotel in the village of Omolon.

13th day: Breakfast. Departure to Magadan. Hotel accommodation.

14th day: Transfer to the airport of Magadan. Departure.

Personnel / Equipment

Accompanying hunters and accommodation in a heated camp is provided by professional guides, each of whom has many years of experience working with Russian and foreign tourists.

In the camp, a cook is at your service around the clock, who will delight you with traditional Russian cuisine (it is recommended to notify about personal preferences in advance), a camp worker. On mobile camps (spike camps), food is prepared by a guide-guide

Accommodation is carried out in frame tents (wood-burning stove, electricity,) – 1 pc. for 2-3 hunters.

The base camp has: a toilet, a mini-power station, a sauna building (shower, washbasin, mini-steam room), a common dining room, communication facilities.



Itinerary equipment provided by the company


• Portable tents for temporary camps

• Inviolable emergency stock.

• Campfire utensils

You can purchase missing equipment in a specialized hunting store in Magadan (sleeping bags, boots, shoe covers, raincoats, etc.)

When hunting with a motorboat, boats “Crimea” and PVC-inflatable motorboats, with a carrying capacity of 800-1200 kg, equipped with Yamaha-50 outboard motors are used. Equipment – 1 boat for 2 hunters with 2 guides.



Obligations of the service personnel.


The duties of the tour supervisor include general management of the hunt, the distribution of hunting directions, control over the processing of trophies, and communication with the city office. The tour supervisor is also responsible for the safety of the tour. The first aid kit and personal safety equipment are also in his charge. The tour supervisor can also act as the tour guide, taking over all of his responsibilities.

Service: each hunter is accompanied by an experienced guide. It provides access to the trophy at a distance of an aimed shot (no further than 200 m for an elk, bear and reindeer), safety precautions, photography, skin shooting and further processing of the trophy. The guide is attached to the hunter for the entire tour.

The duties of the camp worker include maintaining order in the camp, maintaining the power plant, maintaining communications, water, firewood, fuel, maintaining living quarters, maintaining a shower-bath in working order.

The chef provides three meals a day throughout the day. The chef prepares lunch boxes for the hunt.

Arrival/depart dates for 2022 from Magadan: 1-15, 14-27, 25 August to 8 September


PRICE € 18.900

Additional animals (for paid after shoot)

Second moose € 7.000
Bear € 4.500
Stone sheep € 9.500
Caribou € 3.500
Wolf or Wolverine € 1.000

Rates include

Lodging and full board in the hunting house, all transport within the reserve, services of a local professional guide, first treatment of the trophies.

Rates don't include

International and national flights to Izevsk, hotels before and after the hunt, transport from Izevsk to the hunting area (€ 150 per person), Russian visa invitation (€ 70), rifle import (€ 150), veterinary certificates, CITES certificate for bear (€ 150), rifle rent € 40 daily + ammo, taxidermy, trophy shipment, tips, drinks and personal extras. Additional hunting day € 350.
NOTE: Reimbursement in case no moose is harvested € 1.000

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