Russia – Udmurtia Moose

September 7 – 12 and 12 – 17

Areas with large concentrations of Siberian moose are present in central Siberia. Trophy wise, these animals can be categorized between the European moose and the giant moose from Kamchatka and Chukotka. The hunt for Siberian moose is organizes in Izevsk area, republic of Udmurtia, where 4 state owned reserves are located having an excellent population management. The staff providing their services for this hunt is very qualified, especially for the hunt in the rut. Lodging is foreseen in local hunting houses with services in common and good local cuisine.


7/5 hunting days, one Siberian moose up to 8 kg included (min. 2 hunters)€ 3.500

Trophy Fees

Moose from 8,01 – 9,00 kg€ 1.900
Moose from 9,01 – 10,00 kg€ 2.400
Moose from 10,01 – 11,00 kg€ 2.900
Moose from 11,01 – 12,00 kg€ 3.500
Moose from 12,01 – 13,00 kg€ 3.900
Moose over 13,01 kg€ 4.800
Wounded moose€ 600
Bear trophy fee€ 2.500
Wild boar trophy fee€ 900

Rates include

Lodging and full board in the hunting house, all transport within the reserve, services of a local professional guide, first treatment of the trophies.

Rates don't include

International and national flights to Izevsk, hotels before and after the hunt, transport from Izevsk to the hunting area (€ 150 per person), Russian visa invitation (€ 70), rifle import (€ 150), veterinary certificates, CITES certificate for bear (€ 150), rifle rent € 40 daily + ammo, taxidermy, trophy shipment, tips, drinks and personal extras. Additional hunting day € 350.
NOTE: Reimbursement in case no moose is harvested € 1.000

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