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Austria – Big Game – SafariInternational
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Austria – Big Game

September – December

The hunting area is situated halfway from Vienna to Salzburg, at about 2 hours distance from the airport of Vienna. This is a beautiful hunting reserve of 14.000 ha, with a medieval hunting house of a high level 4* hotel. This reserve offers top level organization and top level trophies in the world.


6/5 hunting days, each hunter€1.900
Observer, daily€125
Red Deer Trophy Fees:
KilogramPrice in €€/10 g
Up to 3,00 kg1.165
From 3,00 to 4,00 kg1.630
From 4,00 to 5,00 kg2.175
From 5,00 to 6,00 kg2.718
From 6,00 to 6,50 kg3.1709,00
From 6,50 to 7,00 kg3.62011,00
From 7,00 to 7,50 kg4.17012,20
From 7,50 to 8,00 kg4.78014,50
From 8,00 to 8,50 kg5.50516,40
From 8,50 to 9,00 kg6.32020,00
From 9,00 to 9,50 kg7.32023,50
From 9,50 to 10,00 kg8.49527,00
From 10,00 to 12,00 kg9.84555,30
Over 12,00 kg20.90578,80
Alpine Ibex Trophy Fees:
CIC PointsPrice in €€per point
Up to 165 CIC11.200
Over 165 CIC11.200600
Over 185 CIC23.200765
Muflon Trophy Fees:
CentimetersPrice in €€/cm
Up to 50 cm765
From 50 to 60 cm1.650
From 60 to 70 cm1.65076,50
From 70 to 80 cm2.415116,00
From 80 to 90 cmm3.5750226,00
From 90 to 99 cm5.835453,00
Over 99 cmUponRequest
Alpine Chamois Trophy Fees:
CIC PointsPrice in €€per point
Up to 90 CIC3.530
Over 90 CIC3.530118
Fallow Deer Trophy Fees:
KilogramPrice in €€/10g
Up to 2,50 kg1.710
From 2,50 to 3,00 kg1.71010,00
From 3,00 to 3,50 kg2.21016,50
From 3,50 to 4,00 kg3.03526,00
From 4,00 to 4,50 kg4.33553,00
Over 4,00 kgUponRequest
Roe Deer Trophy Fees:
GramPrice in €€/1g
Up to 300 gr765
From 300 to 350 gr7658,25
From 350 to 400 gr1.17820,00
From 400 to 450 gr2.17825,00
From 450 to 500 gr3.42833,00
Over 500 gr5.07848,00
Wild Boar Trophy Fees:
CentimeterPrice in €€/mm
Up to 14 cm625
From 14 to 16 cm950
From 16 to 18 cm1.35530
From 18 to 20 cm1.95535
From 20 to 22 cm2.65541
Over 22 cm3.47571

Rates include

Assistance at Vienna airport upon arrival, transfer, lodging and full board in privately owned hunting house, organization of five hunting days with all necessary personnel, first preparation of the trophies.

Rates don't include

Professional guide €80 daily, tips, drinks and gratuities. Trophy fees, Global Rescue insurance. All prices are exclusive of 22% VAT.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.