Argentina – Turtle Doves

ng="0"We organize turtle dove hunt in an area located only 3,5 hours by car from Buenos Aires airport. We hunt turtle doves all day long, with a pause for lunch and rest around noon. The number [...]

Estonia – Geese

Brown bear hunts are organized by a local outfitter with exclusive guiding rights in the area and they are conducted either off a private yacht or from tented camps. The Alaskan coast can pride [...]

Hungary – Mixed Bag

Small game is very numerous in the Hungarian planes, mainly represented by hares, pheasants and grey partridges. Hunts are organized either as small driven hunts with several drives organized [...]

Scotland – Geese

extWe organize geese hunts in Scotland starting from October and ending in January, during the period when geese come over from Iceland for the winter. Geese hunts in Scotland are organized on [...]

Spain – Partridge driven hunt

We organize red-legged partridge driven hunts in various hunting areas in Spain, considered among best for this type of hunt. These are luxury areas, first class areas and standard areas. They [...]