Russia – Altay Maral

i Altay is the most remote Siberian area on the border with Mongolia. These are mountains with peaks reaching 4.000 meters, practically empty, with no permanent human settlements. Numerous [...]

Russia – Kamchatka Bear

ring hunting on the largest brown bear in the world is done with motor sleighs finished off by stalking on foot. Daily 3 to 10 bears can be encountered so that the hunter has the possibility to [...]

Russia – Kamchatka Combo

xtThe hunt on the biggest brown bear in the world is done on foot or on horseback along the brooks full of salmon or in the fields with berries where bears feed themselves. Daily one can meet 3 [...]

Russia – Lynx & Bear

_The hunting area for Lynx is located in the immense central Siberian forests, around the Baikal lake. The only truly efficient way to hunt this large feline is by following tracks in the snow, [...]

Russia – Magadan Snow Sheep

xtSiberian snow sheep inhabit the mountains in the North of Siberia, from Ural to Kamchatka. There are 5 – 7 species, depending if the classification is scientific or based on the hunting [...]

Russia – Maral Baikal

_Maral hunt, the great Siberian deer, is done during the roaring season, usually from September 20th to 30th. The hunt is done by walking and stalking or on horseback, closing in on the roaring [...]

Russia – Omolon Moose

innerWe organize this giant moose hunt in the best area in the whole of Russia, on river Omolon, between Chukotka, Kamchatka and Magadan, in the typical Siberian tundra. This are is considered [...]

Russia – Siberian Roe Deer

We organize Siberian Roe deer hunts in central Siberia, close to the city Omsk, where en enormous private hunting area is situated, created by a Russian oligarch, who did not save money in [...]

Russia – Yakutia Snow Sheep

extSiberian snow sheep live in the mountains in the North os Siberia, in the Urals in Kamchatka. There are 5 – 7 species, based on the scientific classification or based on the classification [...]