Burkina Faso – Packages

xtThis new area of South -Center of Pama is situated in south eastern Burkina Faso, at 4 hours from Ouagadougou. Located in the heart of the partial reserve of Pama, this area is one of the most [...]

Canada – Geese

_Alberta is probably the best hunting destination in Canada!! The south of Alberta is covered in agricultural and flatlands, while in the north we find immense forests and lakes typical for the [...]

Russia – Altay Maral

i Altay is the most remote Siberian area on the border with Mongolia. These are mountains with peaks reaching 4.000 meters, practically empty, with no permanent human settlements. Numerous [...]

Russia – Omolon Moose

innerWe organize this giant moose hunt in the best area in the whole of Russia, on river Omolon, between Chukotka, Kamchatka and Magadan, in the typical Siberian tundra. This are is considered [...]

South Africa – Antelopes

tSouth Africa is, without any doubt, the perfect country for the antelope hunting considering a large variety of the species, 27 autochthonous and tens of species that come from Central Africa. [...]