Azerbaijan – Ducks

lumn_We organize duck hunts in Azerbaijan in the central part of the country, in Sari Su national park, an enormous marsh covering 110.000 ha, where we have a new hunting house available with all [...]

Canada – Geese

_Alberta is probably the best hunting destination in Canada!! The south of Alberta is covered in agricultural and flatlands, while in the north we find immense forests and lakes typical for the [...]

Estonia – Geese

Brown bear hunts are organized by a local outfitter with exclusive guiding rights in the area and they are conducted either off a private yacht or from tented camps. The Alaskan coast can pride [...]

Hungary – Geese

Geese hunts are organized in two different areas in Hungary, one in Pecs area close to the Danube, two hours south from Budapest, and the other on Tisza lakes, one hour and a half east from [...]

Russia – Geese

nerWe organize geese hunts in spring, from the end of May to mid-June, in the north of Russia, in the so called Nenecky area, with Naryn mar as capital, 4 hours flying from Petersburg. Hunters [...]

Scotland – Geese

extWe organize geese hunts in Scotland starting from October and ending in January, during the period when geese come over from Iceland for the winter. Geese hunts in Scotland are organized on [...]

Serbia – Ducks and geese

lumn_We organize duck and geese hunts on river Danube, some 120 km from Belgrade. Hunts are organized from permanent blinds, using calls and decoys. Duck hunts are organized from blinds from dawn [...]