Argentina – Turtle Doves

ng="0"We organize turtle dove hunt in an area located only 3,5 hours by car from Buenos Aires airport. We hunt turtle doves all day long, with a pause for lunch and rest around noon. The number [...]

Bolivia Turtle Doves

tWe have two lodges located 60 miles away from the city of Santa Cruz, which are 500 yards apart. The first lodge, Las Palomas, has been the Bolivian home for many hunters over the past 14 years, [...]

Croatia – Quails

A large number of qualis nest in the North of Croatia, whose number increases even further starting from mid August, when migrations start in the North, from Hungary, where quails are neot [...]

Morocco – Turtle Doves

_The hunting area that we are proposing is located in the Marrakesh region, an area known for its density of Turtle Doves. We hunt in the early morning s and during the afternoon, with a break [...]

Serbia – Quails and Turtle Doves

lumn_In the immense Vojvodina plane, North from Belgrade, nests an elevated number of quails that further increases in the period of passage, which goes from the second half of August to the [...]

Spain – Thrushes

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