Croatia – Woodcocks

The first woodcocks reach the North and the Northeast of Croatia, in the woodlands, around October 20. We organize hunts in these areas for approximately one month, until the woodcock move toward [...]

Estonia – Woodcocks

extEstonia is one of the main Woodcock migration destinations with woodcocks staying on Estonian territory during spring and summer. Estonia is also a main Woodcock transit area, from where [...]

Russia – Woodcocks

We are presenting a new destination for woodcock hunts, in proximity of the town of Tver, 200km north from Moscow in the general direction of St. Petersburg. The area is covered in typical [...]

Serbia – Woodcocks

Our hunting areas for woodcock in Serbia are located between 200 and 300 km south of Belgrade, in the general direction of Macedonia, between Boljevac and Bela Plaanka. The terrain is of medium [...]